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Drinks: Here at Ora Care we can infuse our organic hemp honey into a range of delicious beverages. We have numerous Teas, coffee (hot or iced), seasonal hot chocolate and hot apple cider. Price depending on how many scoops of honey are desired per drink.

❖ 1 scoop $5.00 ❖ 2 scoops $10.00 ❖ 3 scoops $15.00 ❖ 4 scoops $20.00

Helps relieve stress, inflammation, pain and anxiety. Recommended for those who wish for a trial size or for a fast acting effect. Approx. 20-25 mg per scoop.


With a wide range selection we can satisfy your every edible desire! Bi-weekly a new rotation of edibles will be open to our customers. Each and every one infused with Full spectrum hemp. This will include but not limited to ~
❖ Brownies: Single or pack of x3 $5.99 - $24.99 Golly Ranchers: x3 pack for $19.99 or pack of x15 for $29.99
❖ peanut/Chocolate Cookies: singles, packs of 2 or 3  $4.99 - $14.99 - $19.99
❖ Chocolates: Dark chocolate x3 pack for $19.99 or x15 pack $29.99
❖ Gummies: 3 pack for $19.99 or 15 pack $29.99
❖ Cinnamon Buns with cream cheese frosting
❖ Cinnamon Buns with a caramel and walnut
For one serving per 3 pack is approx. 66 mg , In a 15 pack it would be roughly 18 mg per serving.

Seasonal Edibles TBA:









Tinctures: The sublingual oil is a preventative way to stop your pain/stress/anxiety in its tracks. This method when done correctly may be able to aid in the reduction of all three. Talk to one of our lovely staff to learn more about this new and improved way to treat old news.
❖ 150 mg 0.5oz at $62.99  ❖ 300 mg 0.5oz at $64.99 ❖  500 mg 0.5oz at $69.99 ❖ 600 mg 1oz at $128.99 ❖

 ❖ 1000 mg 1oz at $138.99  ❖ 2000 mg 1oz at $178.99
The half ounce tinctures have approx. 300 drops while the full ounce has approx. 600 drops. The average time for consumption is two months for the small bottle and three and a half for the large. Depending on how many drops are taken. Lotions: Our lotions are used as a topical remedy to treat eczema and inflammation of the spine and joints. With a creamy consistency and powerful CBD hemp. It's an excellent way to use a non-invasive method to aid in one of the inevitable signs of aging. Can be in a tub or a clear tube.
❖ 1 oz at $24.99 approx. 70 mg each. ❖ 2 0z at $49.99 approx. 140 mg each. ❖ 4 oz at $99.99 approx. 280 mg each.

Moisturizing Sticks: Good for those of us who suffer from muscle tension. This popular option uses clear packaging with an easy push motion. This particular product is
lightly scented with vanilla. Limited ingredients.
❖ 1 oz at 49.99
500 mg per one container. (Christmas Sale Price!!)

Coffee Packs: Net weight 30 grams each. With x15 servings. This product is designed for those who wish for an infused coffee in the comfort of their homes. Limited supply.
❖ Swiss chocolate $24.99 ❖ French vanilla $24.99 ❖ Toasted cinnamon $24.99
Each coffee pack has approx. 70 milligrams.

Any questions? CALL: 1-413-747-1863 (Springfield location) OR Email us @ oraalternativecare@gmail.com

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